HealTech Exhaust Servo Eliminator for CBR600RR 07-09

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Use the Healtech Exhaust Servo Eliminator if you're installing an aftermarket exhaust and are using a fuel controller such as a power commander

Let’s face it – OEM cans and systems won’t win a beauty contest these days (and rarely did they in the past), they weigh a lot more than the aftermarket counterparts, sound crap and you never reach the bike’s full potential with them! Whatever is the reason to change your can or whole system, removing the EXUP valve will leave you with a blinking, annoying FI light. Some could easily live with this, but on select rides, this FI light might mask serious bike issues like low oil pressure as there’s no separate engine warning light. Would a couple of bucks worth a trashed bike? On the other hand, you already spent a fortune on exhaust can/system, fuel injection tuning module, performance air filter, dyno sessions, searching for those missing ponies. Why would you make a half butt job? Get this quick and easy fix and forget the rest!


Regain useful space while shedding weight
This tiny little fella will eliminate not only the bulky, heavy and space wasting OEM servo motor with the operating cables and wiring, which could even save you up to 1kg and a lot of under seat storage. Now you have space for that coveted alarm system, fuel/ignition module, traction control, safety vest, medikit, puncture repair kit, tools or whatever you might store under your ride’s seat.

Awesome Tech
Built-in microprocessor ensures optimal function and offers great compatibility. If your bike is equipped with an exhaust servo, you’ll need an ESE module – either if you replace the exhaust system or add a fuel controller module (or both).

Plug ‘n go install
All ESE models are plug ‘n go, installation is a breeze. Just locate the exhaust servo motor under the rider/passenger seat, disconnect the cables and wiring, plug in the ESE to the OEM connector and that’s it! You’re ready for the ride!

What's an Exhaust Servo & EXUP valve?

For the last decade or two bikes have been equipped with an exhaust flap valve (EXUP valve) to improve low down torque. This is achieved by hindering the flow of escaping gases and creating a back pressure in the exhaust system. The more you open the throttle and as the revs rise, this valve opens more and more so the gasses can leave unblocked. This is the EXUP valve and it’s housing is welded after the header’s downpipes meet right before the collector pipe and/or the collector chamber/catalytic converter. So, removing this alone from the factory system is not worth the time, the money and the effort itself since the OEM system in most cases is still low quality and heavy as hell.

Of course titanium OEM systems exist but finding an exhaust shop with titanium welding capabilities isn’t easy and will cost you an arm and a leg in labor to remove the EXUP from the system and have it welded back together in working order. It’s just easier and more comfortable to opt for an aftermarket can or a whole system. Either way you take, you will need an Exhaust Servo Eliminator to complete the job properly!

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HealTech Exhaust Servo Eliminator for CBR600RR 07-09

HealTech Exhaust Servo Eliminator for CBR600RR 07-09