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The SpeedoHealer is an electronic device developed by Healtech Electronics for use in motorcycles. It's designed to allow the speedometer (your speed reading) and odometer (your mileage reading) of your motorcycle to show accurate information due to factory inaccuracies as well as due to aftermarket gear ratio modifications (in the case of motorcycles). 

* provides Km/h to MPH conversion in real time.
* is the best and most complete calibrator on the market today.
* World’s Best PLUG AND PLAY Speedometer Recalibrator. Period.
* Epic limited lifetime warranty



* To solve "factory inaccuracy" problem of your motorcycle's devices (inaccuracy of devices can be up to 10%)
* To get information  for changes in tire size/profiles
* To change gear ratio, like conversions of sprocket on motorcycles
*  For getting lower MPH output and defeating (alter around for top speed Bonneville or radar-trap runs) the factory incorporated speed limiter on some models like CBR1000RR, R1, ZX10R and ZX14 of  Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha bikes. Note: A GIpro w/ATRE is needed to remove the speed limiter on Suzuki bikes
*  For making adjustment for new speedo face-plate with different scale
*  To get precise accuracy in odometer or speedomete
* To provide the display unit of the vehicle with stability, error % and linearity
*  At the press of a button, the memory system of the device provides immediate display of your recent real top speed on your factory speedometer, which keeps working and retains information even after the ignition is turned off and then on again later.



* Provides precise speedometer and/or odometer reading in spite of any changes done on the bike
* Your odometer readings will not be more than the miles ridden by you (Excellent Resale value of your bike)
* Recorded memory of you Top Speed Memory
* Safety: speedometer provides continuous and correct speed without lag
* Ensures optimum performance (certain vehicles require accurate speed signal to output best performance)



* Calibration range is the widest along with the finest increments (0.1%)
* Accuracy is the best (0.025%)
* Has the most features
*  Plug-n-Go Kits available for all major Japanese bikes
* Online- calculator provided for quick and easy setup
* Long-lasting build and design, 100% weather proof
* Lightest re-calibrator and most portable dimensions
* Stringent and comprehensive testing for each unit. Guaranteed to work.

The new digital V4 also includes:

* A New User Interface: For easy programming, review and updating of stored parameters
* Wide Calibration Range: Capable of working even for special applications, like different types of engine/gauge combinations, motorcycle engines powering cars, etc.
* Detachable Remote Button: Top speed recall is now equipped with detachable TSM button standard on all units
* Smaller & Lighter: Smaller and lighter by 30%. Comparably the smallest calibrator in the market!
* Improved Layout: Redesigned harness fits into smaller spaces
* Dual Stored Data: It enables recording and storing of two independent calibration values, and switching among them with a button press. It has clear visual confirmation of the value in use, and is convenient and handy for road/track use during gear change. Also, the speed limiter can easily be defeated when on the track.
* Km/h to MPH Conversion: At the press of a button conversion function can be reviewed, enabled/disabled.
* Lower Power Draw: Results in less power consumption. The device is equipped with auto-standby. It works from as low as 3v supply. Easier installation facility is very convenient for Yamaha bikes.

Beware of Inferior Imitators:

For every superior product that gets established in the market through quality and performance, there are bound to be imitators. Some good...some not so good! But we believe that the adage "you get what you pay for" is 100% true in the case of the Speedo Healer's dependability, superior quality and performance.


Each V4 unit is stringently and comprehensively tested. Our products have a 30-day money back guarantee to take care of any failure to meet your expectations (All parts must be returned in original condition), and a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY (The first 2 years are unlimited followed by a $30 shipping/processing cost for full replacement after that directly through HealTech.)

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Speedohealer Calibrator V4 - Healtech

Speedohealer Calibrator V4 - Healtech